Manufacturing secrets

Since its creation, Agour has defended a certain concept of cuisine and agriculture. Shepherds have always been closely linked to our cheese factory's development. Discover the secrets behind how we manufacture our products.
Discover the manufacturing secrets of our products.
In 2013, Agour decided to complete its line of cheeses, offering the most emblematic products in our land: PGI Jambon de Bayonne and derivatives, Basque pastries and desserts, rounded off with a line of ice creams. To this end, and ever true to its philosophy, it had to establish specialised production shops for each family of products.

There is no good product without good raw materials; with our concept of this profession, livestock operators are involved in preparing our products from the very first moment.

Today, this means that we are helping many of them to transition toward biological agriculture, the next milestone set by Agour.

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