Our values

The land, our "identity"
Agour is bound to its roots. Our products are ambassadors for the Basque Country and Gascony. All over France, and exported to every continent.
Our "culture," transfer
The sustainability and quality of our products are closely linked to environmental respect. Agour defends a sustainable agricultural model, focused on biodiversity and quality, and not so much on yield. The strategy is based on a desire to transfer a sustainable planet to future generations, to "transfer" an authentic, living Basque culture. A transfer culture also bears on protection and development of regional languages.
Know-how, our "forte"
Agour highlights the Basque Country and Gascony's culinary values and traditions in a spirit of openness and innovation. Our activities are in constant movement, to design the best products.
Independent, our "virtue"
Above all else, Agour is Basque. We make strategic decisions on-site, with territorial growth and value acting as essential pillars. The company is led by a group of partners joined by a shared project: to place value on the territory and its cuisine.