Our commitments

1. Agour, committed to the environment and health
  • Developing the "Bio" line. Since 2010, Agour has been involved in raising awareness for dairy and swine livestock producers, revolving around development of the Bio line. This is a leading brand in the Basque Country, in the Bio sheep cheese and Bio salted product niche.
  • Protecting biodiversity. A commitment based on preserving local sheep breeds through the PDO Ossau-Iraty method, supported by Agour, who has been granting a premium to Manex Tête Noire sheep breeders since 2011.
  • Inserting productive tools into sustainable development. In 2009, Agour inaugurated a High Environmental Quality ecological cheese factory in Mendive, in Irati valley: the façade is covered in chestnut wood so it fits the landscape, a structure made with recyclable materials (steel, etc.), fluid circuits are heat-insulated to prevent energy loss, and a wooden boiler.
  • Wood supply, local and renewable, contributes to renewal of the Irati forest, and provides for 70% of the cheese factory's energy needs.
  • Natural rind! A huge advantage. In 2001, Agour got rid of preservatives in rinds and has worked with natural rinds. One of our commitments, that the PDO Ossau-Iraty would make its own in 2013.
2. Agour works to develop the regional economy
  • Being an emblematic company in the territory as far as cuisine is concerned.
  • Keeping traditions alive and making them evolve.
  • Being a player in circular economy, meaning placing priority on working with local suppliers.
  • Systematically participating in local collective initiatives: Agricultural food cluster Uztartu, AIE Erosi, AIE Adour Achat Agro, The Ruta Gastronómica de los Vascos (Basque Culinary Route), PDO Ossau-Iraty Cheese Route, GIP Agroland, PDO Ossau-Iraty, Clúster de Alimentación de Euskadi (Basque Food Cluster), ARBIO, Manger Bio Sud-Ouest, ARDIA, etc.
3. Agour supports living pastoralism
  • Facilitating settlement of young shepherds.
  • Preserving mountain agriculture
  • Creating employment
  • Innovating to raise production value

4. Agour offers a dynamic and open image of its territory
  • Agour's products, from starters to desserts, are "ambassadors" of the Basque and Gascony Countries all over the world.
  • Brand recognition in all distribution circuits reinforces the national and international visibility of its territories.