Basque cheesemaking secrets

Basque cheeses

AGOUR designs and manufactures the widest range of gastronomic specialties from the Basque Country and Gascony. Attached to our identity and our know-how, we defend our breeders, the love of true taste and work well done so that your tasting is a moment of pleasure and emotion.

We are proud of our products and our land!

Maison AGOUR produces and markets a menu of more than 40 cheeses: Ossau-Iraty PDO sheep, raw milk sheep, organic sheep, cow, goat... in different formats, by the slice and in self-service. These cheeses are produced and matured in the Basque Country in the cheese dairies of Hélette and Irati.

All our secrets of Basque cheese production

The quality of the milk

The maturing process

The Ossau-Iraty PDO

From milk to cheese

Sites on a human scale

Exceptional cheeses