Our secrets for making artisan biscuits


The Desserts and Biscuits range of Maison Agour was born in 2012 with the launch of a line of artisan ice creams made with sheep's and cow's milk from the Basque Country. At the end of 2015, Maison Agour entered into a partnership with the family-run pastry producer, Casa Eceiza,  basedin Tolosa in the southern Basque Country. The range now showcases frozen Basque desserts, biscuits and turrons. 

Biscuits, just like at home!

Casa Eceiza is an iconic brand in Hegoalde (Southern Basque Country), marking traditional recipes with simple ingredients - eggs, flour, sugar, butter, almonds... - rigorously selected. Committed to a Social and Environmental Responsibility approach, the company works with a structure for the integration of disabled workers. The almond tiles and cigarillos were created in 1924 by Luis Marie Eceiza for a restaurant owner in Tolosa who was looking for a simple dessert for his customers. A success that lasts!