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Large "chorizo" Large "chorizo"
Price €18.86

Exclusive chorizo from Agour. Balanced chorizo recipe, not too strong or too sweet. Based on pork meat from southwest France and northern Spain. Traditional chorizo recipe that makes perfect slices for snacks. Weight : 650 g - 23 € / Kg

Pure pork "rosette" Pure pork "rosette"
Price €18.86

Authentic, pure pork sausage from Lyon. 750g, prepared with traditional methods. It blends prime meats and uses natural stuffing techniques. Moreover, it is cured naturally. Weight : 650 g - 26 € / Kg

Dry sausage with Espelette...
Price €5.59

Adapted recipe to use one of southwest France's agricultural treasures: Espelette pepper. Bayonne and the Pyrenees' butchery tradition absolutely had to prepare a dry sausage with Espelette pepper. The Espelette pepper is no stronger than the pepper traditionally used in sausage recipes. Espelette pepper gives a warm, sunny note. Poids : 200 g - 22,50 € / Kg

Sheep cheese dry sausage
Price €5.59

This dry sausage with sheep cheese is a must! It disappears as soon as it hits the plate. Its picturesque flavour, drawn from local mountain grazing, will transport you to a pastoral landscape. Weight : 200 g - 22,50 € / Kg

Pure  pork dry sausage
Price €5.59

Pure pork dry sausage, blending prime parts and using natural stuffing technique. Moreover, it is cured naturally. It only uses meat from our region. Original recipes, based on southwest French products. Poids : 200 g - 29,50 € / Kg

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