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Secret de Compostelle
Price €14.90

Secret de Compostelle Agour: pure sheep cheese with character, with a highly characteristic taste. Poids: 600g Fromage entier

Tommette de Fromage de...
Price €17.90

Tommette de Fromage de Brebis au lait cru. Belle typicité, texture ferme. Se travaille très bien à la fleurette à fromage pour une présentation originale de fleurs de fromage de brebis au lait cru . Existe aussi en croûte frotté au Piment d’Espelette. Poids: 750 g - 22,00 € / Kg Fromage entier

Brebis Tommette Petit Agour Brebis Tommette Petit Agour
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Regular price €16.90 Price €15.21

AGOUR sheep cheese, full of sweetness and delicateness. Perfect for using with Girolle cutter. Silver medal in World Cheese Awards 2016. Poids: 750 g - 21,20 € / Kg Fromage entier

Tomme Lait de Brebis BIO... Tomme Lait de Brebis BIO...
Price €104.90

Brebis AGOUR "Bio des Basques:" traditional pure sheep cheese from the Basque Country, biological version. Soft texture, subtle aromas. Poids: 4 kg - 24,50 €/kg Fromage entier

Fromage - Gamme Iraty - Arpéa de Vache - Agour
Price €12.50

Arpéa de Vache Agour is a cow cheese. This is a recovered tradition in the Basque Country. Airy texture to keep it light. Poids: 500 g - 21,00 € / Kg Fromage entier

Fromage - Gamme Iraty - Pikorra de Brebis- Agour
Price €7.90

Pikorra de Brebis Agour: traditional Crottin, lactic paste, adapted for the Basque Country sheep milk version. Subtle flavour, very delicate, with a bit of liquid under a slightly aged rind. 3 x Pikorra de 100g

Le Breuilh des Basques
Price €8.90

Le Breuilh des Basques (500g): delicate sheep cheese, made from heated curd, with a granular texture. Poids: 400 g - 17,25 €/Kg 

Arpéa de brebis agour
Price €16.50

Arpéa de Brebis Agour: Basque sheep cheese with a touch of originality and an airy texture to keep it light. Poids: 550 g - 26,90 € / Kg

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