Our secrets of making artisanal ice creams


A new range of artisanal ice creams

At the end of 2011, Maison Agour noticed that there were hardly any ewe's milk ice creams. It then decided to set up a small artisanal production workshop whose production will reflect the "house spirit". For this new range of artisanal ice creams:

Training and development of the recipes by Gérard Taurin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and World Champion Ice Cream Maker.

Use of local ingredients, emblematic of the beautiful Houses of the Basque Country: Chocolate from the Atelier du Chocolat in Bayonne, hazelnut spread from Maison Antton in Espelette, Basque cake...

And of course, the sheep's milk, exclusively selected and collected daily by the dairy.

Artisanal ice creams at the beach as well as in the city!

From the beginning, these artisanal ice creams, with sometimes very original recipes (lemon sorbet Espelette pepper...), are a great success with the local retailers as well as in the "house" kiosks of the most frequented beaches of the Basque Country. You can find our artisanal ice cream kiosks in Anglet at the Chambre d'Amour and Sables d'Or, and at the Miramar beach and the Grande plage in Biarritz.

The fundamentals of a good artisanal ice cream...

We have elaborated our artisanal ice cream recipes keeping in mind the fundamentals of a good artisanal ice cream. These primordial elements are the excellent quality of the raw materials and the pleasure of tasting.

To make your tasting a moment of total pleasure, we propose you artisanal pastry ice creams. Our ewe's milk ice creams revisit the classics of pastry to offer you artisanal ice creams with original flavors.

In order to keep this gustative promise, we have added to the recipes generous pieces of pastries. This generous dosage of different noble ingredients according to the flavors of the ice creams gives an explosion of flavors and a mixture of crunchy and especially unctuous textures!

Our artisanal ice creams are 100% natural, without flavour enhancer, artificial flavouring, preservative or colouring.

Where to find our artisanal ice creams?

All the flavors of our artisanal ice creams are available in our kiosks on the beaches of the Basque Country.

If you are at the beach, look around for our Agour artisanal ice cream kiosk for a refreshing break:

- Chambre d'Amour Beach - Anglet

- The big beach near the hotel du Palais - Biarritz

- Miramar beach - Biarritz

Our artisanal ice creams are also on sale in our stores, in stores, and on our online store.