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Fromage de chèvre - Moyenne tomme - Agour - Fromage Basque
Price €65.40

AGOUR goat cheese, medium format, with white paste and particularly oily texture and a strong goat taste. Perfect for using with Girolle cutter. Weight : 2,8 Kg - 20,35 € / Kg

Cow cheese Cow cheese
Price €74.88

Tall-format AGOUR cow cheese, with yellow paste and soft texture. Sweet flavours. Made at Irati's facilities with milk from the valley. Ideal for a Basque raclette. Weight : 3,8 Kg - 15,52 € / Kg

Ossau-Iraty PDO sheep...
Price €99.53

Brebis PDO Ossau-Iraty AGOUR 6 mois is Fromagerie Agour's great classic. A cheese filled with delicateness and sweetness, with a slight hint of walnut. Fruity flavour that remains in the mouth. Also available in tall format and traditional Basque format (2.5 Kg., rectangular edges). Gold medal in World Cheese Awards 2016. Médaille d’or aux World Cheese...

PDO Ossau Iraty raw milk...
Price €74.88

PDO Ossau-Iraty sheep cheese, made with raw milk. Medium format, firm texture and strong flavour. Traditional Basque format of PDO Ossau-Iraty (2.5 KG, rectangular edges). Also available with rind sprinkled with Espelette pepper, used as natural anti-fungal agent. Weight : 2,8 Kg - 22,14 € / Kg

Ossau Iraty PDO sheep...
Price €65.40

PDO Ossau-Iraty sheep cheese short format is a pure sheep cheese, filled with sweetness and oiliness. It can also be used in cooking recipes. Also available in tall format and traditional Basque format (2.5 Kg., rectangular edges). Weight : 2,8 Kg - 20,00 € / Kg

Organic Basque sheep cheese Organic Basque sheep cheese
Price €122.27

Brebis AGOUR "Bio des Basques:" traditional pure sheep cheese from the Basque Country, biological version. Soft texture, subtle aromas. Poids: 4 kg - 24,50 €/kg Fromage entier

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