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  • Portions: Nos spécialités d’Iraty
Basque's "Saint Sauveur"
Price €14.12

Saint Sauveur des Basques, is a pure sheep cheese, emblematic of the Irati shop. Very oily paste, almost liquid upon finishing ageing. Sweet flavour, delicate, that gains in typicity with ageing. Smoked rind, blended ageing technique Poids: 450g  - 25,55 €/kg

Fromage - Gamme Iraty - Arpéa de Vache - Agour
Price €14.12

Arpéa de Vache Agour is a cow cheese. This is a recovered tradition in the Basque Country. Airy texture to keep it light. Poids: 500 g - 21,00 € / Kg Fromage entier

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