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Dried sow tenderloin Dried sow tenderloin
Price €14.12

In Gascony, they call sow filet mignon Ilet mignou. This top-rate part is very lean. Its melt-in-your-mouth texture and delicateness make for an exceptional product.

Half sow ham
Price €150.71

De-boned sow ham, Baillet speciality: butcher sow ham. Slowly dried, the meat is aged, coloured and flavourful. Three large slices. Weight : 6kg - 24€/kg

Sow dried lomo
Price €14.12

In Gascony, dry sow loin is called loum de coche. Sow loin is marinated and then dried, providing for a great balance between the meat and its spices. Weight : 1kg

Sow "Coppa" Sow "Coppa"
Price €14.12

Dry sow top loin, spare rib, called Esquiau in Gascon. The part is known for its soft texture and strong flavour, thanks to the very marbled meat. Weight : 1kg soit 24.90€ le kilo

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