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Fromages - Brique de Brebis Agour
Price €48.90

Brique de Brebis AGOUR: traditional Basque sheep cheese recipe, adapted to a very practical format, easy to cut. Slightly firm texture, with a delicate flavour. . Poids:  2,1 Kg - 19,95 €/Kg

Brique de Vache
Price €32.90

AGOUR cow cheese, with yellow paste and soft texture. Sweet flavours. Highly practical format, easy to cut. Made at Irati's facilities with milk from the valley. Ideal for a Basque raclette. Poids: 1,9 Kg - 15,26 €/Kg Fromage entier

Fromage- Brique de chèvre du Pays Basque - Agour
Price €42.90

AGOUR goat cheese with white paste and particularly oily texture and a strong goat taste. Perfect for using with Girolle cutter. Poids: 1,9 Kg - 20,52 €/Kg Fromage entier

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